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someone put their insoles in today…


ELF, don’t forget to watch MAMACITA MV. 
We’ve been doing so well for the past few days but that doesn’t mean we can slack now! We must keep it up. Don’t depend on other ELF to increase the views!
We’re currently at 3.9 million views, and for the last 12 hours we’ve only gained 300.000 views.
To increase the views:
Make sure you’re not logged in to your YT account. Watch MAMACITA in incognito mode. HOW TO WATCH IN INCOGNITO!For Chrome: CTRL+SHITF+NFor Firefox: CTRL+SHITF+PFor Safari: Menu Bar + Private Browsing For Opera: Ctrl+Shift+N
Every time the MV ends, close incognito mode, wait for few minutes, open incognito mode again and then search for MAMACITA. Repeat this every time.
Do not refresh page nor delete your history.
If results of Mamacita MV will be really good, SM will publish Mamacita Drama Ver.
But the main purpose here is to increase the views for our kings!

Crazy Kang Shin Hyuk playing with trumpets at the back…






Throw away the classic concept, these props are basically Suju’s new stage toys =)

140901 D&E SKELETON FM in TokyoーHae leaking info about jpn ver of mamacita and a sj jpn album

Manager/pd at the side waving frantically for donghae to shut up. Hyuk just let hae continue and hae mentioned another eunhae album and concert. Manager/pd having a mental breakdown at the side. Hae looked at hyuk and just laughed… Then hyuk said this is what we’re thinking, and pretend that you didn’t know about the future plans

Cr: 掌心witheunhae
Trans: worldwideelfs (via donghaeguns)